About Us

Fancy On Friday

We’re a young couple living in Columbia Heights in Washington, DC. We recently made a pact to spend Friday evenings celebrating Shabbat in our own way by making a fancier meal than we do on most days. By fancier, we don’t mean more expensive, healthier, or fresher than our normal weekly meals. We eat well most days and tend to buy seasonally by shopping at the farmers market down the road. Our intention was to focus more on creative interpretations of our favorite meals, and exploration of new cuisines. We also wanted to take some time at the end of the week to relax and to savor and fully appreciate our food.


I am a recent college graduate with a degree in Journalism who loves food, but who never really took an interest in cooking until the past few years. Cooking for two is way easier than cooking for one! I became a vegetarian two years ago and love trying new veggie-friendly recipes. I hope to learn more about cooking and even photography through this blog and am excited to start writing again and sharing recipes!


Friends often ask me for recipes for the things that I cook. I don’t really use recipes a lot, so it is always a challenge to try to remember how many dashes of a spice or scoops of flour I use. I want to get better at repeatability, so what better way than sharing my own recipes with everyone?

I am pursuing a career as a master brewer.